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Goal of the College:
The college aims at being an institution of Higher Education providing opportunity to the local learners to become graduates armed with a qualification facilitating them seek job opportunities confidently within the state and outside, and to get equipped with quality life style through better employability, with values as well to be at par with the world around; to the area to develop educationally; and to the community to develop morally, by uplifting their basic economy from agriculture to service and entrepreneurship.
Objectives of the College

For Students:-

(a)    Prepare graduates to qualify for government and corporate services.
(b)    Make graduates able to run their business independently.
(c)    Present graduates to face the problems crippling social life by starting various NGOs.
(d)    Acquire certificates of merit enabling them to be self-employed, to get higher education and training.
(e)    Instill among them moral values of higher character.

For the Area:-

(f)    Uplift this educationally backward area into an educationally developed area.
(g)    Minimize early drop-out rate arising out of paucity of funds jeopardizing getting higher education in remote areas.

For the Community:-

(h)    Satisfy poor parents in order that they too can educate their children.
(i)    Spread values arising from the existence of, and interaction with, an institution of Higher Education.
(j)    Arrange programmers for creating awareness among the people on various economic, environmental and health issues to boost their moral.

Thank U, Visiting Our Website.