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No. of Seats Available

The following is a list of available seats in +2 & +3 Stream of this institution:

                        Courses                      Seats              

Higher Secondary Classes (+2)

   +2 Arts                           192

  +2  Science                      160

   +2 Science     IT              64

Sanskrit                         64

                        Degree Classes (+3)

+3  Year Arts                  128

+3 Year Science             128



English                        16

History                        32

Political Science         32

Philosophy                 16

Odia                             16

Economics                  16

Physics                        24

Chemistry                    24

Mathematics               16

Botany                          32

Zoology                         32


Curricular  Provisions 

Higher Secondary Classes (+2)


Compulsory Subjects:

English, M.I.L.(O & Sans.)

Optional Subjects:

History, Pol. Science, Economics, Oriya, Logic, Sanskrit (64 Seats)


Compulsory Subjects:

English, M.I.L.(O & Sans.)

Optional Subjects:

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology/Information Technology

Possible Combinations:

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology(IT)

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Information Technology(IT)

Degree Classes (+3 Arts & Science)

+3 Degree (CBCS) Semesters I to VI:

Arts Honours:

English, History, Political Science

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC):

Environment Studies, M.I.L. (O-Communication)

Arts Pass:

Discipline Specific Core (DSC):

English, M.I.L. (O), History, Political Science, Economics, Odia, Philosophy

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE):

English, History, Political Science, Economics, Odia, Philosophy

Skill Enhancement Course (SEC):

English Communication, History, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, Odia

Generic Elective (GE):

English, History, Political Science, Economics, Odia, Philosophy

Science Honours:

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology

Skill Enhancement Course (SEC):

English Communication, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology

Generic Elective (GE) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology

Optional Subjects:

+3 II Year Degree:

English, M.I.L.(O)

+3 III Year Degree:

Indian Society and Culture, Population Studies

Optional Subjects:

+3 II & III Year Degree:

History, Economics, Political Science, Oriya and Philosophy

Honours Subjects:

+3 II & III Year Degree:

English (newly introduced), History and Political Science

Elective Subjects:

+3 II & III Year Degree:

Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Landmarks in Indian History


(1)        +3 CBCS Programmes: Students need to consult the respective Courses of Studies uploaded by the Utkal University in the University website in order to find out the components of the AECC, DSC, DSE, SEC and GE courses for each subject individually. Alternatively, the copies of these Courses of Studies for each subject is available in the Library of the college.  

(2)        +3 II & III Year Programme: A student shall not be allowed to take the above subjects as Elective subjects provided s/he has taken Political Science, Economics and History as Pass or Honours Subjects respectively.

General Rules

  1. Admission Rules:
  2. All admissions are done through SAMS (Students’ Admission Management System) of the Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha. Candidates seeking admission to various classes and streams of this college are advised to consult the appropriate web pages for the CAF (Common Admission Form) and the Prospectus available online (www.dheorissa.nic.in) as per the prescribed time schedule notified by the government.
  3. After being selected for admission into this college, the candidates are advised to take admission into the appropriate classes of this college by paying the prescribed fees notified by the Principal.
  4. Administration Rules:
  5. Students are required to attend a minimum of 75% of total theory, tutorial and practical classes calculated separately for each subject. In the case of shortage of attendance, the student shall not be promoted to the higher classes nor shall they be sent up for the H.S./University examinations.
  6. In case of medical disabilities, a relaxation of 15% may be allowed with production of an authorized medical certificate only.

iii.   The college office operates during the college hours. The students are required to get their work done at the respective counters. They must not enter into the office room or the staff common room.

  1. All routine applications should be put in a box kept near the gate of the office room. Applications for C.L.C. and Conduct Certificates must accompany the receipt of the requisite fees along with the clearance in the prescribed format.
  2. Students having genuine complaint must bring it to the notice of the Grievances Cell first and get redressed; in case of dissatisfaction or further complaint, they should write to the Principal.
  3. The students are required to pay their tuition fees regularly on the due dates failing which they shall pay a fine of Rs.2/- along with the fees of the next month.
  4. All the fees and fines of the remaining months shall be realized before the filling up of the forms for any examination.
  5. All casual students must get prior permission of the principal to attend the classes and practical classes by paying the required amount in the form of fees.

vii.  All necessary information is displayed at the college notice board. The students are required to go through them every day to get abreast of all official activities of the college. They can also seek clarification in the office and get the information assistance from the concerned officer-in-charge during the working hours. Ignorance due to negligence is no excuse.

  1. Discipline Rules:
  2. Students should keep sitting inside the classroom during the intervals and changes over. They must not loiter on the verandah nor make noise except discussion in a low pitch during the leisure hours.
  3. They must not tamper with the electrical fittings and other installations. They must not break the furniture and tear furnishings of the college.

iii.   They should not disfigure the walls, benches, ceilings and blackboards by scribbling on them in ink or crayons. They should not spit on the walls and urinate at places other than the specific urinals.

  1. Students are required to keep their bicycles and motorcycles in the respective stands. Keeping vehicles on the college corridors and riding motorcycles beyond the specified point will be seriously viewed.
  2. Students must not get themselves involved in any activities not permitted by the Principal inside the College campus.
  3. Any misconduct, violence and disobedience shown to fellow students and staff will be treated as breach of discipline.

vii.  Any breach of discipline will be seriously viewed and anybody found guilty may be punished to any extent including fines and/or expulsion from the college.

  1. Scholarship and Assistance Rules:
  2. The college provides Post-matric Scholarship for the SC & ST students and Bidi Scholarship for the wards of bidi workers through a website called www.prerana.com. The students are required to get registered online and get the benefit as per the instructions.
  3. Free studentship and Half-free studentship is also granted to deserving students on the basis of merit and poverty on due application when invited.

iii.   50% concession on bus fares to native places of the students as recorded in the admission register to allow him/her to meet his/her parents during holidays. Daily commuters can not avail the said concession.

  1. 50% concession on rail travels to native places during vacations and for purposes of attending interviews, study tours organized by college. Such concessions can be availed by mail/express trains for a distance over 500 kilometres.



Thank U, Visiting Our Website.