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Personality Development Programmes


  1. N.S.S.:- There are two units of National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) with 50 students in each unit: one for the boys and another for the girls students. This is controlled by the N.S.S. Bureau of the Utkal University. The units are in the charge of two Programme Officers nominated from among the teaching staff and duly appointed by the N.S.S. Bureau, Utkal University.
  2. The aim of the N.S.S. is “Personality development through community service.” The participants of the N.S.S. get exposed to the broader community when they go to the society and learn to interact with them, identify their needs and try to help them by making them aware of the fact that self help is the best help.
  3. The motto of N.S.S. is “Not me, but you.” The student thus gets the practical wisdom of working benevolently for the poor, uneducated, the down-trodden and the less opportune fellow beings and learn the real values of life easily. The aim of education gets fulfilled in this way.
  4. The N.S.S. in our college runs by the decisions taken at the Advisory Committee consisting of:
    i)  The Principal
    ii)  A Senior member of the Staff
    iii)  A former N.S.S. P.O.
    iv)  A member from the village community
    v)   A nominee of the local administration
    vi)  Two volunteer students
    vii) The N.S.S. P.O.s
  5. The N.S.S. units enrol students at the beginning of the session. Some old volunteers are retained and the outgoing volunteers are replaced by the new recruits.
  6. They undertake two types of activities, such as, regular activities and special camps. The regular activities aim at various awareness programmes, plantation, cleaning operations, construction of roads, drains, etc. and the special camps concentrate on literacy drives, total literacy campaign, total sanitation drives, etc. Building of school houses and community centers are also given top priority.
  7. These activities inculcate civil and social responsibilities in the students and prepare them for equipping themselves with leadership qualities to deal with greater national problems paralyzing our national life.
  8. While operating on the field the volunteers wear badges embodying the N.S.S. symbol displaying the Konark wheel signifying the progressive cycle of life that prepares the students to remain ever ready for the nation’s service.
  9. Youth Red Cross: The Youth Red Cross of U.G. Mahavidyalaya, Khamar was set up with a noble goal to further the further principles like humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality as formulated by the great humanist Jean Henry Durant of Switzerland.
  10. The members of the YRC shall take up philanthropic service to mitigate the suffering of the people, promote health, hygiene and sanitation, and motivate youth for fraternity and friendship. The YRC unit in our college has prompted the students to donate may bottles of blood and motivate others to prepare themselves for this noble cause. A member of the staff looks after the affairs of the YRC as a Counsellor.
  11. Rovers: The Bharat Scouts and Guides unit of our college functions under the guidance of a Rover Leader from among the teaching staff of the college. The aim of the Rovers is to prepare others for service of the society. The Motto of the Rovers is “BE PREPARED.”
  12. The Rover Leader motivates the students to join as rovers and organises the meetings and yearly camps of the crew. The crew participates in the parades during the celebration of the Independence Day and the Republic Day. They crew has uniform of their own.
  13. Extension Activities: The Principal has nominated one of the staff members as the Chief Motivator to promote the Students’ participation in various extension activities like participating in various health camps, literacy campaigns, awareness programmes, blood donation camps organised by various Non-Government and Voluntary organisations. The Chief Motivator collects any number of willing students and participates in such activities organised by certain local organisation like Swamy Vivekananda Social Welfare Trust and Bimbadhar Seva Sangathan.
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