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Other Facilities

The Central Computer System:  The Central Computer System shall look after the following jobs:-

i)    Accession List of the Library Books
ii)    Automatic Billing System
iii)    Preparation of questions for class examinations
iv)    Preparation of documents
v)    Preparing mails
vi)    Keeping records of the teachers and students
vii)    Election materials
viii)    Preparation of Study materials
ix)    Running Slide shows for presentation
x)    Running Multimedia programmes for educational purpose
xi)    Any other job as and when required

The Computer shall be looked after by an administrator chosen from among the staff with a minimum computer literacy certificate. He shall contact the vendor and make necessary repair work of the hardware and software.

The administrator is responsible for maintaining all records and account of printing and photocopying and take mimimum charges from the private jobs as per the requirement.

The students can get books and periodicals photocopied by paying a minimum charge to the operator with prior permission of the Administrator.

The College Magazine: The college publishes a magazine called Anshuka to promote literary taste among the students. It is published in Oriya, English and Sanskrit with contributions from all the students and staff interested to contribute articles, poems, short stories and memoirs.

The Principal publishes it by nominating a Board of Editors from among the staff. The contributions are invited by a display of notice and by personal motivation by the teachers.

Wall Magazine: The College displays a wall magazine called Nachiketa to promote literary taste among the students. This magazine is displayed periodically, i.e., on the 5th of every month.

Audiovisual Cell: The College has an audiovisual cell to organize fortnightly shows of educational films, slides and documentaries.

Displays: The College displays Short Learning Objects of each department as well as events on the photo gallery.

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