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The Women’s Hostel

i.  Students duly admitted to the hostel shall be called boarders of the Hostel.

ii. The boarders shall stay in the respective rooms allotted to them by the Superintendent.

iii. The boarders shall provide the following information to the Superintendent immediately after the admission:

a.  Her name
b.  Class
c.  Her Address (to which she wants to go during vacations and holidays)
d.  Her Father’s Name and Signature
e.  Her Local Guardian’s Name and Signature
f.   Signature of the Person Authorized to receive her while going outside the Hostel.
iv.  The boarders are advised to strictly adhere to the Hostel Study hours:
a.  Morning: 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.
b.  Evening: Prayer: 6.00 p.m.
c.  Study hours: 6.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

v.  Absence from the hostel for more than an hour shall require the prior permission of the Hostel Superintendent. Temporary absence shall be maintained in a register. The person receiving her for that period shall sign on the register.

vi.  No boarder shall be allowed to meet visitors during the study hours.

vii.  Visitors shall meet the boarders outside the premises of the hostel in the presence of the ward-servant.

viii.  In exceptional circumstances, the boarder will be permitted to go home with a bonafied person with written request of the father or the local guardian of the boarder.

ix.  No boarder shall leave the hostel without prior permission of the Hostel Superintendent.

x.  The boarders shall take care of the properties of the hostel and secure their own properties under lock and key to prevent theft and destruction.

xi. No boarder shall indulge in any bad habits, call names, utter bad words, slang, etc. inside the hostel.

xii.  Any report of neglecting the studies, disturbing other boarders during study hours, torturing the boarders in any manner, terrifying or ragging the younger boarder shall amount to breach of discipline and will lead to forfeiture of the seat from the hostel.

xiii. The boarders shall not ask the ward-servants or the cook to do any type of unnecessary personal marketing. They shall make a list of their requirements and ask the Hostel Assistant to arrange for the purchase.

ixv. Singing and loitering around the hostel is strictly prohibited.

xv.  Any kind of misconduct shall also be viewed seriously.

xvi. The boarders are advised to meet the Superintendent to set right their grievances.

Mess Rules

i.  Boarders must be the members of the mess and run the mess by themselves headed by a Secretary and a member. They must pay the monthly mess charges regularly.
ii. Boarders remaining absent from the hostel for a month or more shall have to pay Mess Dues for 15 days along with the fixed charges.

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